I worked really hard without pretending.
While studying in Japan, I worked hard on my part-time job, but I went there without any problems, and I almost got caught by a complete nut.​1. Reggie Alba, a famous martAfter entering the third month of studying abroad, I was looking for a Japanese-speaking part-time job, and I found Reggie Alba, which gives me […]

While studying in Japan, I worked hard on my part-time job, but I went there without any problems, and I almost got caught by a complete nut.

1. Reggie Alba, a famous mart

After entering the third month of studying abroad, I was looking for a Japanese-speaking part-time job, and I found Reggie Alba, which gives me a basic hourly wage of 1,000 yen plus transportation. Until then, I thought simple like, "I can just go right after school." It was harder than I expected. 😅 On the first day, I had a simple interview and a written test and the result came out in a letter about a week later! At this time, I thought I passed and liked it.

I received OJT for about five hours before I started work, and I went to the checkout counter and started working, but I didn't know it would be this hard.

If you work about five hours a week, you can earn 85 to 90 per month, so you have plenty of living expenses, but the problem is that you start from peak hours, so you make a lot of mistakes when you're tired and busy. There were a lot of real customers because it was next to Pachinko, and there were many cases where the price of the product changed and there were many events every season. And if you've been to Reggie's part-time job, you'll know how to pay in cash, but there are other ways to pay, kick pay, and beer. If it's twisted, you have to call the manager and cancel it all, so you made a lot of mistakes. And I made the most mistakes when I paid in cash, but in this case, I need to write a letter of condolence and get a stamp from the manager and the manager. When I was really busy, the guests, the people I worked with, the people I was working with, they were all screaming and screaming.CK

There were several reasons for quitting, but I quit at the end of the year because I hated the system that was no fun and forced to make small mistakes by repeatedly using the employee elevator as much as I wanted. However, I got used to what they sell at Japanese marts and the use of cash, so I became accustomed to living in Japan.

2. Famous spa clothing stores (store staff)

After quitting my first part-time job, I was thinking about where to work next time, and I saw the application announcement at the store and applied the next day. I hated the lack of transportation expenses, but I thought it was okay because I could buy clothes I liked cheaply. The next morning after applying, I got a call from the manager and the interview ended in a good mood, so I was able to work right away. The advantages and disadvantages of this part-time job were clear, but the first advantage was that it needed a lot of people to work, so almost all the shift I wanted was passed, paid vacation, and if pretty clothes came out, I could buy them at employee discount. And the disadvantage is that in the store, I had to wear only the clothes of the clothing store, but I had to wear only the clothes before the sale. As a result, when I bought clothes, they quickly got on sale, so I bought more clothes and other clothes, and most of all, I didn't like the fact that I had employees buy additional clothes after the sales were over. And like 꿀알바 Uniqlo, there was an employee level, and even if I wanted a promotion, the manager who approved it changed so frequently that it was difficult to get promoted to the level I wanted.😞

Still, I've been working for more than two years because there are more advantages, but I told the manager last time that I quit because I thought I would not be able to do it anymore because of a leave of absence and getting drunk.

I didn't have enough staff, so I had to do all the work, but the most memorable thing was that I had to put up with the embarrassment of my voice echoing in the store. One day, I didn't bring the closing script, so I pretended it wasn't working on another store.

3. Japanese Friends Cafe (store staff)

I got used to the part-time job at the clothing store, so I looked for a part-time job at a cafe with Kakemoto. Originally, I wanted to work at Starbucks, but when I heard that I don't hire college seniors often, I looked for a local Japanese cafe and applied for a franchise cafe called Café de Clie. What's interesting is that I went to a part-time job right after school and didn't answer the phone well except during the break, but the cafe manager called me during the break, so I was able to schedule an interview. I thought he was a bit old after hearing the manager's voice, but when I saw him at the interview, I was embarrassed because he was so young. At this time, the interview atmosphere was good, so I was hired right away and started working from next week. This part-time job also has its pros and cons divided.ㅜㅜk First, the advantage was that I could make my own drinks and learn various recipes, including dessert, and I could make my own food and drinks and take them with me if I had leftover ingredients. And I could eat the whole menu at a staff discount, so I would study before my part-time job and take a rest before going to work. The best thing was that the manager was such a good person that he always encouraged me and treated me kindly.

The disadvantage was human relationships, the reason I quit this part-time job. This man worked longer than his manager, so he's hysterical and squeezes new staff around him, but he never got fired. The rookie staff made mistakes and taught me if I didn't know well, but I hated him because he had to yell at me first; I told the manager that I couldn't do it until I got used to him for almost eight months 🤯 I asked him not to do anything worse before I quit my job.

Previous part-timers treated and cared for each other well, so there was no special problem, but it was very sharp if they were busy because they were bad people here. Except for that, everything was bearable, so it was hard to say that I quit.

4. Korean tutorials

I started Korean tutor because I was introduced by a college senior! There were many Korean textbooks and materials, so it wasn't that difficult to teach, but I had a car accident on the day we were supposed to meet, so there was something wrong from the first day.😂

I didn't even know the phone number of the person who was supposed to take a Korean tutor, so I cried and asked him to tell me that I didn't think I would be able to meet him... (I'm still.

Anyway, after a few months, I ended up being an intern at Montana for a few months, and for some personal reasons.

There were many small episodes about six months of work. I made a mistake and got a claim, I made a lot of mistakes in Japanese, and I was a bit stupid, but most of the time, I didn't pretend and worked really hard.ㅋㅜㅜ

Of course, there were many good experiences. As I was a foreigner, I could work with confidence for a long time because you took care of me a lot and cared for me a lot. I don't think I'll be able to do part-time jobs next year because of drunkenness and graduation discussions, but I think I've done all my part-time jobs in college, so I have no regrets.

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