a dreamy healing item in the current situation
I remembered the business trip tie that my friend recommended a few days ago.​As soon as I remembered, I asked my friend for advice.​My friend recommended me that I get it with my husband often.​I heard that there are so many companies that you have to choose a good company for a business trip.​I've failed […]

I remembered the business trip tie that my friend recommended a few days ago.

As soon as I remembered, I asked my friend for advice.

My friend recommended me that I get it with my husband often.

I heard that there are so many companies that you have to choose a good company for a business trip.

I've failed here and there, and I've decided to trust my friend because I heard this place is the best place!

It's called Bucheon Massage Gunma.

I called to have a consultation right away, and the staff was kind enough to talk to me.

He asked me how I got to know him, and I told him it was an acquaintance recommendation, and I was even more concerned.

You said you'd give it to me? The staff said that most of the management staff

They've been working together for a long time, and they've had professional massage training in Thailand.

He did! That's why I trusted him even more! He was very proud of himself. LOL

I made a reservation for the next day. Fortunately, it's empty.
I ran straight home after work. Honestly, I was a little worried.

I don't think it's going to happen because I live alone, but I'm a scaredy-cat.

My supervisor visited me at the appointed time, and I was worried I didn't have to worry. Haha

We greeted each other lightly and prepared to get a massage in the living room!! I've got a lot of preparations.

You seem to have done it. Did you bring a lot of tools in your side bag?

It's called a business trip tie, so I thought it was on my bed, so I cleaned up, prepared, etc. in the morning.

I was waiting, but the massage manager came at the scheduled time and brought a lot of luggage.

So I was wondering, "What's it going to be?" And he said he'd do it in the living room because it's a portable bed.

Ah, you said it's a business trip tie massage, but you carry this with you! I've been thinking.~

It's my first time, so I don't know what to do. Take good care of it.

He did it for me. I had to lie down, but I was puzzled.

Tell him to lie down.

She gave me a massage right away. She gave me a light hand massage. to be sure

It's very different since a professional massages it.

Start with your shoulders, end with your toes, finish with your head.

He massages me with a cloth, but my shoulders are weak and I have a lot of lumps, so he rubs me.

Wow, it hurt so much at first. Is it because you're a homebody? He's got a lot of strength in his hands, and he's definitely an expert

I could feel the force!! You asked me exactly what kind of power I want to have, and I thought I'd be better off than I am now.

I asked him to take it one step lower, and he did it right away! I thought he was making it lighter.

It's really cool whether he's strong or skilled! This is how you do your hand massage.

It's cool! I thought it was cool.

It's my first time getting it. My eyes are wide open.

I lost. And he massaged my arm. Should I call it forearm? That part.

She was giving me a massage, but I realized that I had a lot of fatigue in my arms, too.

I was a little embarrassed, but they massage my armpit and it was cool.LOL

As expected, massage parlors aren't for just anyone!!

He's finished with his shoulders and upper body, and he comes down to his lower body, and he's got a lot of swelling in his lower body, too.

I have to get sleepy every night, so I have to knead it often, but a professional person did it for me, so I woke up feeling so easily.

And I'm talking about my shoulders and weak calves so that I can do it myself at home.

He taught me simple stretching, and he has a good service.^^After this day

I was able to walk comfortably for a few days, and I was less obedient and more effective than usual. ^^

He massaged my shoulders and neck, but I've been having a bad shoulder and neck lately.

I asked you to pay special attention. I asked you to make it strong.

He says he'll do it moderately if you make it too strong, and you'll get muscle pain the next day.

Yeah, but 건마 they made it strong. LOL

It would've been a disaster if you'd made it stronger.

I did. She also gave me a massage. It's better if you just massage me with your hands.

But he used his body to loosen it. I hope you get a massage and a real homestay.

I thought that I did a good job. When you get a waist massage, sleep

I thought it would be a waste of time if I fell asleep when I came here.

He also used his whole body to take care of his back.

I'll hold my back with my knees.

You can also bend it in a bow. It's really cool. It's done by a professional.

I heard bones and it was very cool. Then lie back down and relax the muscles.

They gave it to me. They used a machine to loosen the calves and thighs.

It was just vibrating. It looked like a gun, and it was very cool. It's cool to do it with your hands,

It's good to relax your muscles by vibrating. It releases the calf muscles.

I thought it was really good!! They even massaged my feet with it, and it was really great

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