It was a healing and relaxing time for the first time in a while!
Lately, I haven't been working out at home, watching TV, using my cell phone, and playing computer in a bad posture.Round shoulder, straight neck, and side only get worse...Especially my neck and shoulders are so sore that I have a headache.​I've been going to get a variety of care for beauty, but this time I […]

Lately, I haven't been working out at home, watching TV, using my cell phone, and playing computer in a bad posture.

Round shoulder, straight neck, and side only get worse...

Especially my neck and shoulders are so sore that I have a headache.

I've been going to get a variety of care for beauty, but this time I went to get more care for my body care!

The place I went to this time is a place that 강서 건마 I recommend as a good place to massage Magok!

If you're 100% satisfied and come back and see if you know how to massage Magok, make sure to! I'd like to recommend this place.

The facilities are very good because we opened the new building.

The maintenance staff was very kind and I could feel the hotel massage!

It's called Mayo Materapy, which specializes in Swedish.

It's a one-minute walk from Magok Station, so it's also accessible.

I've already looked up a lot of reviews, but I'm looking forward to it because it's a place that doesn't spare any praise!

When I went inside, there was a luxurious and spacious lounge.

I made a reservation for director Son with a Naver reservation, but the pretty and kind director welcomed me and I felt good when I went in.

Mayo-Materapy specializes in Swedish, but I'm sure a lot of people are unfamiliar with Swedish management.

Unlike other traditional Magok Massage, Swedish Therapy is a soft tissue muscle relaxation program that is heavy but not painful and soft and luxurious.

I decided to get 90 minutes of treatment this time.

Mayometerapy is called mayotherapy, which is based on 90- and 120-minute care, and there are additional care and dry manual therapy programs!

Mayo Materapy with detailed service for customers.

As soon as I entered the shop, I felt like I was relaxed and relaxed.

There were snacks on the route that customers used from time in time to time to time.

Touched by the service that heals not only the body but also the mind.

Is it okay if the shop is this pretty?

Pretty spaces like photo zones give healing to people who like pretty things like me.

I was guided by Director Son and moved to the management room where I will receive it.

I was really surprised when I went to the maintenance room.

I used a large room by myself, and I was impressed by the luxurious and private feeling that I was.

Mayo Materapy uses oil to take care of it, so you take care of it after you take it off.

It boasts a private facility that uses all one room, so you can manage it without looking at others!

In addition to the care bed, there are tables and chairs where you can relax, so you can have a proper healing time.

Mayo Therapy's management service gives you plenty of time to relax and go back.

Before and after the maintenance, tea and refreshments were prepared so that you could enjoy your leisure time without being pressed for time!

Make sure to take a shower before and after maintenance for Magok Swedish at the mayo therapy.

Director Son kindly explained how to manage it.

I heard that you can take a simple shower and put on the gown you see above.

There's a private shower room inside.

The best shower items, body, and face care products were equipped, and the hotel facilities were made up of non-envious disposables, so it was hygienic and comfortable to use.

Especially in the case of soap made by Mayomitterapy, they prepared it so that you can take it home if you like it.

I'm so happy to receive such a great product as an unexpected gift.

After taking a shower, you wear disposable underwear and wear a gown. There are two versions of underwear.

It's a trunk type and T type, so they prepared it delicately so that you can wear the underwear that you want and get maintenance.

I've tried it and it's so good that I took two soaps right away.

Care is carried out with fragrance therapy, so please take care of your body's condition and consultation with the right scent at the right time!

In my case, I told him that I like the same fragrance as lavender, and he mixed lavender and rose scent to manage it.

The bodywalker I got this time was Director Son Yeon-seo.

Director Son is an elegant and friendly therapy-style body-walker who seems to be assimilated with delicate and soft therapy lines and piano melody based on MYOLOGY expertise.

I got a massage from Magok and found that it's very soft and elegant as if you're dancing.

It felt like I was relaxing not only my muscles but also my organs and muscles when I touched my fascia deeply without burdening my body!

After receiving a satisfying therapy, I took a clean shower. Director Son prepared a different car than when I came in.

Drinking warm tea before and after maintenance makes your head clear and mentally relaxed.

Director Son took care of the hot pack and showed us the best service until the end.​

Thanks to you, I was able to spend the whole day energetically with a light body and mind.

There were many uncomfortable places here and there due to the high tension in my body, but it was a time of healing and relaxing after a long time ago!

I'll visit you again soon!!

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