I feel that Phuket’s itinerary is fruitful.
I had a meal at Naiyang Cafe.To get a morning massage.We headed for WinMassage.​The location is really close to the Naiyang Cafe.Step up the arrow and come out!Through Google,Near Phuket Airport.I found a good massage house.I still had a good grade here.​Actually, a massage shop 인천 건마 around hereI don't know if it's that high.There […]

I had a meal at Naiyang Cafe.

To get a morning massage.

We headed for WinMassage.

The location is really close to the Naiyang Cafe.
Step up the arrow and come out!
Through Google,

Near Phuket Airport.

I found a good massage house.

I still had a good grade here.

Actually, a massage shop 인천 건마 around here

I don't know if it's that high.

There was no place where the reviews were so good.

The door was open, but nobody was there.

You went in there and pretended to be someone.

There's a massage parlor.

It was four of us. Can we get a massage?

There's only one massage parlor available right now. fi

By the way, you were not good at English.

Communicate with simple English and hand gestures

My side went to another massage parlor right next to me.

I asked if I could get a massage now.

It's full there, too!

before 11 a.m.

I can't believe there are so many people getting massages.

It's a vacation concept.

I didn't even set a time to wake up.

I don't know how long it'll take to eat.

I didn't make a reservation.

If you want to use WinMassage,

#On the sign #in the picture

I think you should make a reservation in advance.

Or on the way to the Naiyang Cafe for breakfast.

Maybe you should book a massage first.

Well, if it'sir.

Only one person can get a massage.

When I heard the story,

The whole family won't get massaged.

My mom wasn't feeling well today.

You were very tired last night.

You didn't sleep well.

My dad's been giving me a hard time all along.

So I just...

I decided to get a massage by myself!

When she gets a massage alone for an hour,

What do we do when we wait?

You hesitated to get a massage,

I think it seems

My mom got a massage.

You need to get well.

I thought everyone could have a pleasant trip.

Oil massage in an hour.

About 15,000 won in Korean won?

That's fantastic!!

In Thailand, too.

Must be massaged at least once a day

For your information

It's good for sore skin because it burns in the water.

Aloe vera massage.

They sell it at road shops in Korea.

3,000 won. 90 percent.

He used the Aloe Gel product.

on the side of the store

It's like it's a Korean product from Korea.

Korean is written on the case,

I don't think this is Korean. sull

Aloe soothing gel was on display.

It's hard to use soothing gel like this.

If you feel uncomfortable somewhere,

When you travel to Phuket,

I'm going to take soothing gel from Korea.

I could ask you to do it for me.

Massage near Phuket Airport

Win Massage 에는

Outside, there were four chairs for foot massage.

Inside, you can fit one person in.

It's a little narrow... in a partitioned room

There was a massage bed.

I don't know how to get a massage.

I'll go to the hotel next door.

You could have waited in peace.

He said he couldn't leave her alone.

Lying in a chair with a massage on the outside.

I took a nap.

Me and my brother.

I went to the convenience store next to the hotel.

not in our country

Milo chocolate ice cream, too.

I bought it and ate it.

Oh, my God.

I bought ice cream.

I'm going to take my dad from the massage shop.

in less than a minute

Ice cream was melting down...

The sunlight is... scary.

I'm so scared!!

Win Massage 옆은

Hotel? Guesthouse?

Anyway, that's what it looked like that.

as green as the picture above

Restaurants? Pubs? There was the same thing.

Even though lunch time is near,

It's all empty.

I didn't know who it was.

But it feels pretty good here.

I took a picture.

Feels like we're at a vacation spot.

It's a massage.

The massager and the recipient's doctor.

It's... it's important anyway.

You're good here. You'm not good here. That's what this assessment is all about.

I don't think it means much.

Even so.

The one who handled my mother...

It was very sincere.

He was kind.

I'm not gonna let you down.

He said he was very satisfied.

at a glance

I can see she's back on her feet.

I gave you a lot of tips.

I had a visitor while I was waiting.

He asked me if I could get a massage.

We don't have any staff left.

He didn't respond at all.


When you go to Phuket Massage,

I wish I could make a reservation!

Sleep near the airport to save money on accommodation.

the next morning

After breakfast at Naiyang Cafe

under a massage

I'll check out at 12 o'clock.

I'll take the shuttle I reserved.

It's perfect to go to a nice hotel around 1:00.

I feel that Phuket's itinerary is fruitful.

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