Bupyeong Massage 건마 Gold Spaterapy
Healthy Body Project! (Dieting in earnest.I started working out properly.Maybe it's because I'm using muscles that I don't usually use.The time has come when you need a massage because your body is often lumped together.​And it's a very hard body to circulate.I get massage regularly.I've been putting it off for a while.​Famous for the Bupyeong […]

Healthy Body Project! (Dieting in earnest.

I started working out properly.

Maybe it's because I'm using muscles that I don't usually use.

The time has come when you need a massage because your body is often lumped together.

And it's a very hard body to circulate.

I get massage regularly.

I've been putting it off for a while.

Famous for the Bupyeong Massage for the healing of the body after a long time.

Gold Spaterapy, I'm back. ^ᄋᄋ

All the way. - Just get the aromas.

It's been a while since I got a dry massage.

Squeeze your whole body down in a cozy space.

I mean, the muscle relaxes like crazy.

I was in a great mood.

The janitor's hand pressure is no joke. !

You're good at massaging this house as soon as you're done, kakaotalk.

Bupyeong Massage Gold Spaterapy

Walk from Bupyeong Market Station on the Incheon Subway Line in 10 minutes

You can come and it's located in Bupyeong Raemian Apartment Shopping Center.

I've been walking from Bupyeong station for exercise:)

You can find it well by looking at the banner outside.

It's already been rumored to be a famous Bupyeong massage parlor.

A lot of people visit.

Massage as well as skin care at a very good price.

There seemed to be a lot of regular members because I could get it:)

The day I came to get a massage,

♪ I'm always in a good mood ♪

When I first get a massage, I pay my money.

I was wondering why he was in pain.

And now it's an indispensable time.

As soon as you arrive, change into slippers.

It's a neat and friendly place.

As soon as I arrived at the shop, I found a good aroma scent.

That's a very impressive first impression.

It was scented. Zero.

You can eat tangerines. Hah!

I thought I'd forget one.

We're having a nice dinner after this.

I just put up with it.

Simple snacks to keep your mouth shut before and after care.

It was ready.

There are several management rooms inside the shop.

There is also a shower room.

From Aromassaji.

It's the dry massage I got.

And partial care, skin care.

Think of it as a total beauty shop.

He's running events every month.

December as a service for abdominal or foot care when ticketing.

You've prepared for the benefits. +_+

There's a space for couples to get massages.

quiet and solitary

There is also a private room 🙂

All the other rooms are full.

I got a massage in this room.

The dry massage is embarrassing.

Thank you for preparing me without changing my clothes.

Change into matte 건마 massage clothes 🙂

On pillows that can be unhealthy.

Every time I take care of it, they grind it and put it on me.

You have such a small sense.

I'm going to go back to get the Bupyeong Massage.

It's one of the reasons.

And then the massage starts...

From the very beginning, Sam, your skills are amazing!

I wanted to do it in one part of the press.

I'm so thrilled.

I've been thinking that I've been getting massages so often that I've

I met a really different level of coolness!

I'll catch the bad part right away.

delicately or strongly

They let me go, but I couldn't get it together.

Wow, it's cool! Just keep saying it.

the shoulder especially intensively pressed

You touched it:)

I don't know where I'm in the middle of course.

Give me some tips on which part to release.

I've been... Is there anyone who is sicker than me?

I'll fly lol

But you don't have to worry.

I'll tell you what, and I'll get it right.

He takes care of me by controlling my strength.

stretching not normally done

Sometimes I get a massage in Bupyeong.^_^

An hour passed in a blink of an eye.

Every single day, the body's circulation is...

Feels like it's going to go well!

Maybe it's just me who came back as soon as I got it.

Yay, that's great.

The peach tea you're giving me after is over.

Healing second element :)))

I'm not here. I'm not here.

This is Bupyeong Massage with only freshness left

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