fall asleep in love with one’s care
컨디션이 안 좋아지다 보니깐성격도 예민해지고 날씨며 뭐며다 민감해지기 시작하는 거 있죠.​최근에는 날씨가 얼마나 변덕을 부리던지아침에 일어날 때마다 온몸이 쑤시는 게출근길 나서는 게 곤욕이더라고요.​회사에 출근하면I'm supposed to work bright and bravely.He's always down in the dumps.I've been criticizing you enough to hear you speak to your superiors.I got it.​so thenA close colleague saw me,They worried about […]

컨디션이 안 좋아지다 보니깐

성격도 예민해지고 날씨며 뭐며

다 민감해지기 시작하는 거 있죠.

최근에는 날씨가 얼마나 변덕을 부리던지

아침에 일어날 때마다 온몸이 쑤시는 게

출근길 나서는 게 곤욕이더라고요.

회사에 출근하면

I'm supposed to work bright and bravely.

He's always down in the dumps.

I've been criticizing you enough to hear you speak to your superiors.

I got it.

so then

A close colleague saw me,

They worried about me a lot.

Unlike when I first joined the company,

You're getting dark, you're getting a lot of energy.

They said I don't look good.

So why am I so tired?

You said you didn't know.

I started to complain.

At times like that, most of all,

You told me that massage was the best for me.

Recommending a business trip massage to Yeongdeungpo

It's on.

I've been working since I joined the company.

It was me.

That's how it's supposed to be a business trip.

I didn't even know it existed.

So out of curiosity,

I've been asking my colleagues a lot of questions.

I'm starting to get information.

First of all, this place is open 24 hours a day.

hard to make time for, like

Office workers, too.

You can get it anytime.

It's very tempting.

I go straight home after work.

When it's too late to go home,

There were 강남스웨디시 a lot.

So I think it's great.

I made a reservation.

Now that my colleagues are talking about it,

You told me to make a reservation right away.

They keep recommending it to me.

And my colleagues, too, when they're tired,

It's a business trip that's been used frequently.

I have a lot of confidence in him.

In fact, if you continue to get tired,

everything gets annoying and lethargic

There's a downside. You have to hold it.

I have an idea.

If I'd known it was working like this before,

Don't be so lethargic.

It's not going to be more lively.

I have an idea.

Yeongdeungpo business trip massage is literally

The supervisor is going to visit the house in personally.

Please do it for me.

So it's easier.

You can get some care.

I made a reservation on the phone for the day of the reservation.

As soon as I left work, I was faster than anyone else.

I got to go home:)

I got a massage, and I got tired.

Thinking about solving it.

It makes me feel better. It makes me.

That's how I got it.

It's been a while since I got home.go

The supervisor has arrived.

Time commitment to the letter!

That's the basics:)

That's how I got my supervisor.

I started getting a massage.

It's really good at home.

in one's mood

You can get care.

I had an idea.

What's interesting is that

Since I started getting a massage,

not long after

The fatigue of the body is relieved.

There is.

I came to experience it.

Normally, I'd like to make a merit

I haven't felt much.

Now that I've received it, it's clear.

I got it.

I don't understand why my colleague gave me a massage.

I don't know if he's trying to relieve his fatigue.

Now I know:)

I think I'm still tired.

If you stack them up, you'll see the efficiency of the company efficiency is.

falling off

Everything gets annoying in my life.

And then you're the only you're the only one.

The damage ㅠㅠ

I should have taken care of it earlier.

And if you look here,

This is the service of coming home.

How easy can you use it?

It's been so long since I've felt this.

Maybe it's because it's healing.

After the supervisor left,

I fell asleep right away.

When you get care at home,

I think this is really good.

You can save time and conveniently.

I can move on to my own time.

There is.

On this day, I'm gonna take care of my co-workers.

I was supposed to call you, but I forgot.

I fell asleep

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